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Lead Researchers


Design and analysis of network elements and NGN networks models using stochastic network calculus

A.V. Roslyakov

Analysis, design and simulation of multi-standard radio access network selection algorithms for SDR and cognitive network services

A.Yu. Grebeshkov

Analysis of information transmission and visualization methods. Design of methods of telecommunication, measurement and control systems integration.



Analysis and design of novel information security methods for telecommunication networks, systems and equipment

N.N. Vasin, M.V. Kuznetsov, O.N. Maslov


Analysis of optical signals distortion in single-mode optical fiber cables with multi-mode components in transmission line and design of methods to increase regenerator capacity



Analysis of performance characteristics of optical cables and factory length joints



Analysis and design of chromatic dispersion control and compensation methods for optical fiber links



Analysis and design of polarization mode dispersion estimation methods for optical fiber links



Analysis of engineering and economic performance of communication cables installation process



Design and implementation of line location methods



Analysis and design of symmetric communication cables for digital access

V.A. Andreev, V.A. Burdin, A.V. Burdin

Electrodynamic analysis of thin film structures

A.G. Glushchenko, M.V. Golovkina, A.N. Arseniev, E.P. Glushchenko, A.A. Efimov, L.V. Toporkova


Electrodynamic of artificial superconductors

M.V. Golovkina


Rigid body physical properties dependency on chemical composition and structure

G.N. Goncharova


Digital data transmission over dispersive channels

B.I. Nikolaev, E.O. Khabarov, A.V. Borisenkov, A.M. Chingaeva

Nonlinear signal processing using

I.V. Grigorov


Mathematical and computer simulation of radio communication systems

Yu.V. Alyshev


Antennas and electrodynamic for spatial and temporal dispersion environments

D.N. Panin


Electric circuit theory

D.N. Panin


Noise resistance increase of borehole telemetry systems for directional and horizontal drilling

D.V. Sukhanov


Signal structure design for ultra wideband communication systems

D.V. Sukhanov


Analysis of computer network performance

N.F. Bahareva

Geoinformation systems



Design and simulation of automatic and automated complex engineering systems



Software design for complex engineering systems



Software design

V.N. Tarasov


Management information systems for enterprise

E.A. Matveeva

Decision support system design



Expert systems