Infromation about the educational organization


Professional education

In 1996, the Samara Regional Telecommunication Training Center (SRTTC) was established on the basis of the Povolzhskiy Institute of Informatics, Radio Engineering and Telecommunications (now Povolzhskiy State University of Telecommunications and Informatics - PSUTI) with the assistance of the European Commission. It was designed to provide professional development and retraining of experts and management staff of infocommunication enterprises in the Volga-Ural region of Russia. SRTTC PSUTI started work in January 1997 and its current graduates count is more than 20 thousand people from all regions of Russia - from the Kaliningrad region in the west to the Magadan region in the east and the CIS countries (Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus). Education programs cover 20 fields of training. The curricula are developed in accordance with the methods adopted in the countries of Western Europe and adapted to the conditions of Russia. Teachers of SRTTC PSUTI received training in England, France and Germany. The high quality of training and the minimum period of work interruption of trainees are achieved due to the wide use of distance learning technologies.

In the SRTTC there are training laboratories “Fiber Optic Transmission Lines” and “Electrical Communication Cables”, as well as equipment CISCO, NEC, HUAWEI, Yuryev-Polish Plant “Promsvyaz”. Excellent facilities and modern equipment ensure practical classes at a high level. Educational programs of SRTTC PSUTI were overseen by Accreditation Committee of Public company “Transneft” as well as approved by the leading enterprises of the communications industry.


* 76 educational programs, including 29 new ones implemented in 2018.

* New forms of training (remote technologies, emulators, testing), that reduce the length of training courses, cost of professional development.

* Second higher education at the Master's level and retraining of experts in a shortened time, using remote educational technologies.

* Training in CISCO Network Academy.

* Training and further professional development on working professions.

* At the request of the company, there can be organized on-site training and distance learning on the topics of the SRTTC or on topics ordered by the company.

After the completion of the training course, the SRTTC PSUTI provides:

* Diplomas for a master's degree.

* Certificates of professional development for experts of enterprises (any form of ownership and any departmental affiliation).

* Certificates of the leading foreign infocommunication companies and firms accredited in SRTTC PSUTI (3M, CISCO, NEC, HUAWEI)