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The postgraduate study at the PSUTI was opened in 1992. Since 2000, Doctoral study has begun to work. Graduate students are admitted to doctoral study without age restriction. Postgraduate education is provided in forms of full-time and part-time study.


Available programs:

* 03.06.01 - Physics and Astronomy (profile: Radiophysics);

* 09.06.01 - Informatics and Computer Engineering (profiles: Management in Social and Economic Systems; Mathematics and Software for Computers, Complexes and Computer Networks; Computers, Complexes and Computer Networks);

* 11.06.01 - Electronics, Radio Engineering and Communications Systems (profiles: Radio Engineering, including Television Systems and Devices; Antennas, Microwave Devices and Related Technologies; Communication Networks, Systems and Equipment);

* 38.06.01 - Economics (profile: Mathematical and Instrumental Methods in Economics);

* 44.06.01 - Education and Pedagogical Sciences (profile: Theory and Methodology of Vocational Education);


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