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Bachelor's degrees

Available programs:

02.03.03 - Information Systems Software and Administration (profile: Programming Technology)

09.03.01 - Informatics and Computer Engineering (profile: Computer and Automated Systems Software)

09.03.02 - Information Systems and Technologies (profile: Information Systems and Technologies)

09.03.03 - Applied Informatics (profile: Applied Informatics in Economy)

09.03.04 - Software Engineering (profile: Software and Information Systems Design)

10.03.01 - Information Security (profile: Information Security in Telecommunications)

11.03.01 - Radio Engineering (profile: Radio Engineering)

11.03.02 - Infocommunication Technologies and Communication Systems (profiles: Optical and Wired Communication Networks and Systems; Radio Communication Networks and Systems)

12.03.03 - Photonics and Optoinformatics (profile: Optical Information Technologies)

27.03.04 - Engineering Systems Management (profile: Management and Informatics in Technical Systems)

27.03.05 - Innovation (profile: Innovation Management)

38.03.02 - Management (profile: Information Management)

38.03.05 - Business Informatics (profile: E-Commerce)

42.03.01 - Advertising and Public Relations (profile: Advertising and Public Relations in Industry)

42.03.02 - Journalism  (profile: Journalism)

45.03.04 - Intelligent Systems in Humanities (profile: Design and Programming of Intelligent Systems in Humanities)